Mac Upgrade Service by Apple Force

Typical Mac upgrades include memory, hard drives, SSD drives, and adding a second hard drive or SSD drive with an Optibay drive upgrade kit. Apple force offers several upgrade service options to keep your Mac running faster, perform better and longer.

How long will it take to upgrade or change the RAM or storage (SSD/ HDD) of Mac?

Expert technicians at Apple Force will install memory or storage upgrades less than an hour. Some customers will require the old data to be copied over to newly installed hard drive or solid state drive. In that case more time will be required depending on amount of data to be moved.

What will happen to old memory modules or hard drives after replaced by new ones?

Its your property, you have to decide if you want them to sell to us for cash or keep them use with your other computers.

Use hard drives or SSD as external USB drive

We can provide you with external USB HDD case so that you can use it as external data storage.

Cases for most HDD/SSD are available but their may be some type of drives that may require us to order the case or may not be available at all

Mac Memory Upgrade

Apple Force offers memory upgrades for all up gradable Mac models. We stock premium brands Mac memories for all old or new Mac models.

Some Macbooks have integrated memory modules in motherboard so memory upgrade for these mac models is not possible.

Mac Storage Upgrade

Apple Force offers hard drive  and SSD upgrades for all Mac models. we stocks hard drives and SSD for Mac models in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB sizes.

Note: SSD for some  MacBook Pro Retina and MacBook Air models may be available by special order only.

Data transfer or data recovery service

Apple Force offers optional Mac data transfer services as part of any SSD and  HDD upgrade service. Apple Force can also perform optional Mac data recovery services if the existing hard drive or SSD drive has failed.

Note: Additional time may be required for Mac data transfer or data recovery service