Facebook Advertisement Expert in Dubai

I am Nadeem Farooqi, a Dubai based freelancer with 10 years experience in web design, E commerce development and digital advertisement & marketing

Advertising on Facebook is a great platform to reach your targeted audience since this social network is becoming increasingly popular all over the world including united Arab Emirates.

According to 2018 social media usage report by globalmediainsight.com there are 9.3 million Facebook users in UAE and you can easily reach your targeted audience among these users by carefully crafting your Facebook ads campaigns.

My experience shows that many companies that have integrated social networks and engaged in active advertising campaigns on Facebook receive a considerable flow of new visitors, thus increasing sales of their products and services. I will assist you in advertising on Facebook and achieving long term success for your company on social networks.

Ads on Facebook are concise promotional messages comprised of a header, a short text, and an image; they may target a certain audience, i.e., by selecting a segment that meets very specific requirements:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Language
  • Education
  • Hobbies
  • Other

The customer may specify the content, time of broadcasting, and budget of the ad. Ads on Facebook are only charged per display or click. Therefore, this form of advertising is affordable not only for big companies, but also for small/medium-sized businesses or self-employed individuals.

If you are interested in advertising on Facebook, please contact:

Nadeem Farooqi
Freelance Web developer & Digital Marketing Expert


  • Easy access to a target audience
  • Option to engage  users with buying behavior
  • Affordable advertising costs and amounts can be fixed on a per-day basis or for whole campaign.
  • Possibility to edit, pause and resume ads anytime
  • Detailed advertising statistics and insights
  • Option to show ads on Instagram
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